Adhoc Services

· Service for individual sessions

· Requires pre-agreement with club

· Childcare provided for period required

· Charged at hourly rate agreed on booking

· 1 hour minimum period

· If you can’t see what you need, just ask us.

Service Summary

Price: Dependent on service required

Text Box: Childcare provision for 4 to 13 yr olds open to all children, not just pupils of Kelvedon St Mary’s school. 
If you need an odd days cover because something has cropped up that you need to attend to, or maybe just a few hours whilst you run an errand or perhaps just have a break.
Contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements and come to an agreement.
Text Box: If you have questions  about any aspect of the services we provide, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.