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Please park considerately for the safety of other users.  Please take care to watch for other children, and to close doors and gates at all times for the safety of all the children.

It is recommended that all children should be vaccinated in accordance with Government policy before and during their stay, for the protection of all.

Children suffering diarrhoea and sickness should be kept away for at least 24 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.  If any child has any sickness or diarrhoea at the Club, parents will be notified at once and asked to collect their child.

Children who contract a contagious disease should not be brought into the Club until a Doctor has certified that they are clear to return.

Children will not be given unprescribed medication with the exception of the administration of life saving medication such as Insulin or the use of nebulisers; the position will be clarified by reference to the Club's Insurance Company.

We request permission to seek any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment in the future, i.e. calling for an ambulance or contacting the NHS Help Line.


1.     Please remember that if your child is ill they should be kept at home until they are fit and well and not brought into the Club putting both children and staff at risk.

2.     Parents and the Club staff should work together towards the development, both emotionally and physically, of the child.  Good behaviour will be encouraged at all times and any bad behaviour or emotional problems will be dealt, jointly with parents, Club staff and teachers of the School.

3.     Parents must provide us with contactable telephone numbers for emergencies, and must keep us informed of any changes to these numbers.  When you know you will not be at the regular contact point, the Club’s Co-ordinator should be advised of alternative arrangements.

4.     Children will only be released to a parent or, with notification, an authorised person.

5.     The Club has the duty to report any suspected abuse to Social Services.


1.     All clothing must be suitably marked as we share the Provision with other users not connected with the Club. The Alphabet Club or the School for loss or damage will take no responsibility to articles left on the premises.

2.     Toys or similar articles can be brought to the Club, but no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to the articles.

3.     Notification of non-attendance should be made as soon as is practically possible but in any case not later than 2pm on the day to the Co-ordinator on 07751 382315/ 07784 72872. If you are contacted by the school to collect your child for any reason, you should also contact the above telephone numbers so that we know that your child will not be attending the Club. 

4.     Parents must advise the Club of any special dietary needs, medications or the like, applicable to their child.  The Club will need information regarding allergies, special diets, physical/mental impediments or any other past or present condition that may affect our Insurance.  It is essential that we have all information and this will be kept Private and Confidential.

5.     Any required changes in attendance should be requested through the Co-ordinator on 07751 382315 during Club time or between 9:30am – 12:30pm on our office mobile 07784 728726 in the first instance.


The Committee reserves the absolute right to terminate the contract at their sole discretion, at any time, without parental recourse, on any matter pertaining to the Club and a child's attendance.


Version 2.2                                                                                                  20/06/2012

Text Box: The Alphabet Club’s Terms and Conditions can be downloaded in PDF format here, for you to print and sign.
Text Box: The Alphabet Club’s Terms and Conditions can be downloaded in PDF format here, for you to print and sign.
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